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Feu Ardent

Messages : 553
Date d'inscription : 17/12/2009
Age : 23
Localisation : Sur le forum, en train de moderer vos paves de textes!

Feuille de Superheros/Supervillain - Mutant
Sexe: Masculin
Jauge de vie du Superheros/Supervillain - Mutant:
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MessageSujet: SCOTT SUMMERS   SCOTT SUMMERS EmptyLun 4 Juin - 15:15

SCOTT SUMMERS Tumblr_m52t6itDaS1rpr08v


Name: F.
Age: 16 yrs. of age
TimeZone: HKT (GMT+8 )


Character: Scott “Slim” Summers
Face Claim: Nico Tortorella

Roleplay Sample: He started, slightly bending his body upwards. Where was he ? Why was it so dark, outside ? Why was he wearing glasses ? He had never suffered from myopia before ! And who were these unconcious people decorating the flood as if they were sprinkles on christmas cookies ? Those were issues he would have to tend to later. As he brought a trembling hand toward his eyepiece, he looked upwards to face a dark ceiling, which was obviously freshly painted. Slowly, he pushed the glasses down with the tilt of his hand, before noticing something most uncommon occuring right under - or rather, from - his eyes.

A blast of ruby-red rays jolted out of the said eyes, startling him to the utmost point. Instinctively closing them, he fell to the side, clutching his hair in his hand and wondering what could possibly be wrong with him. In the fall, he lost the glasses, which hit the ground, making a sound loud enough for him too hear, yet too quiet to wake the others. Regaining control of his thoughts and emotions, he precautiously fumbled his hand on the floor, searching for the lost eyewear which seemed to be able to contain whatever his eyes produced ... And what was that, exactly ? Now that was a mystery Scott Summers was most interested in.

Once his glasses were back on, he looked around him, analyzing his surroundings, his sight as sharp as an eagle's. What was he looking for ? He would only know once he had found it. What was his name ? S ... It was on the tip of his tongue, yet, it hurt to remember. And that's when he found it. The file. The file containing everything he could know by staying in that one room. Fumbling through his pocket, he found a tiny flashlight which he rapidly turned on. Summers. Scott. Aged 17. Powers : Can project ruby-colored beams of concussive force from his eyes. They are always “on” as a result of childhood trauma. His cells are constantly absorbing sunlight. He uses that solar energy to create openings from another universe in front of his eyes and the beams fire from these breaches. So that's what this was all about. Grabbing the notes, he got up, and left the room with all the strangers sleeping in them, set to explore what appeared to be the Mansion he was left in.

Are you okay if with your ships endgame if your character has one?: (located under the tag of ‘endgames’) I would rather see Scott with Emma ; I even convinced a friend to come with me to play Emma if this pairing is possible, because we are both fans of … well, Scott and Emma, together.
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