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Feu Ardent

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Date d'inscription : 17/12/2009
Age : 23
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Feuille de Superheros/Supervillain - Mutant
Sexe: Masculin
Jauge de vie du Superheros/Supervillain - Mutant:
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MessageSujet: LAYLA MILLER (RP Tumblr)   LAYLA MILLER (RP Tumblr) EmptyJeu 12 Juil - 3:16

"So. I guess that this is it." she shrugged, looking down at the solitary pond. She had come alone, having insisted it was the best, and most logical course of action. Dropping pebbles in the fish-infested water, she couldn't help but to stare longingly into the pond, wondering. What if everything was a lie ? 'Time is an illusion'. And so was free will. She smiled, remembering how she had been, in the past. Young, foolish, happy. She used to listen to Pixie Lott ! Now she had turned to Marilyn Manson. She had lost her innocence, that day she had met herself. The strong, 'bad-ass woman' she was supposed to grow into, that is. She remembered it like it was yesterday. The confusion she had felt upon meeting herself, as well as the shock it had been to notice she still wore her favorite pink and black leggings years later. The pain she had experienced after being 'tagged' by her older self, and the outburst of memories and history that had flown into her mind at that exact moment.


The knowledge that would allow her to claim that she 'knew stuff'. A way of hiding her true mutant power. That of resurrection. Whenever she felt down or preoccupied, she always knew what to do ; whom to talk to. The birds were the most silent of listeners, and the best secret keepers. One day, she had encountered the prettiest blue jay she had ever seen with her own two eyes, and had decided to confide herself it.

"You know ... I'm not afraid of death." she had said. Pausing a while as if she was waiting for an answer, but in fact, catching her breath, she continued "Nope. Not afraid of death at all. And you know why ?" The bird had stood there, still, its eyes staring into hers as if they understood her and where now asking her why she was not afraid of 'the end of all things'. "Because I know of something worse than death", she finally let out. "It's called living hell. And I'm it's master." Before the bird could move, a nearby cat jumped on the table and killed it with a single strike of the hand. Picking up the poor, damaged animal, Layla had held it firmly in her hands, before concentrating with all of her might. Finally, an eye opened. It was not long until it was fluttering both wings, gliding towards the rising sun. "I hope you don't miss your soul, wherever you're going." she had said silently.

And now, she was here, well aware that the constant threats she had learnt about when she had met her older self were coming closer as each day passed and the sun set. Pushing a rock in the pond with her foot, she eerily stated "This seems to be how the world ends."

And without turning back, not even once, she just walked away.
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